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    Default Consequences of Breaking a Lease

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California

    Shortly after my string of 30 day notices that I posted about in another thread, I moved into a 4th apartment in Contra Costa County. Well, this time I was was the one terminating the lease. In 2000, about 5 months after I moved into another apartment, I realized that some of my neighbors around me were literally neighbors from Hell! I know that some of them were involved with gangs and other dangerous illegal activities. I repeatedly hounded the landlord to move me to another unit. This went on and on for the first 5 months of the lease. After 5 months, I finally had enough of my neighbors and I was literally afraid for my life - they were THAT bad!

    Rather than taking things into my own hands and getting into an altercation like at my previous residences, I decided to deal strictly with the landlord this particular time around. However, the landlord was totally negligent and did not care at all for my concerns. I became very frustrated with them for claiming they could not move me to another unit despite the fact that there were literallly hundreds of empty units in the complex. (It was a very large 800 unit apt complex, BTW).

    So I broke the lease. I paid up through the end of 6 months of the 1 year lease, and I moved out. The landlord threatened to sue me at first, and I called their bluff. They realized that I had evidence against them and the neighbors, and they decided not to pursue legal action or injunctions against me (that I know of).

    My questions:
    Note: I lost these rental records a long time ago, but I don't remember anything being filed against me by the landlord through the courts.

    1) Will this show in the court records?
    2) Will this show up on a pre-employment background check?
    3) Will it show on a tennant screen?
    4) Since they didn't file anything against me that I am aware of, how can I find out?
    5) Where would I go to find out? (criminal or civil court, or neither?)

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    Default Re: Consequences of Breaking a Lease

    Nothing will appear in court records unless a legal action was filed. You can check with the court in which the action would have been filed to see if anything was filed. As this would be a civil matter, you would check with the civil clerk.

    If there was a legal action, or if the matter was put into collections, the issue could turn up on a background check, particularly one that includes a credit check.

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    Default Re: Consequences of Breaking a Lease

    Civil court, OK. Will do. Thank you.

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