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    Default What State Has Jurisdiction for a Debt Collection if I Moved to Another State

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: Nevada, South Carolina, Washington, Oregon.

    I had an 80/20 loan on a home in Las Vegas, NV. The home foreclosed and I have received a 1099-A on the 1st Mortgage in January, 2011.

    The second mortgage ($60,000) originated with Countrywide Financial, then sold to Bank of America, then sold to Greentree Financial, and now has been sold to a debt collector.

    After the foreclosure, I moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to South Carolina where I rented a house for a short time and had a PO BOX for mail delivery. Now I currently live and work in Washington State. Because I move so much and don't have a permanent home, I obtained my drivers license in Oregon at a family members "stable" residence.

    I received a letter in my South Carolina PO Box from the debt collector (whom is located in North Carolina) regarding the collection of the $60,000 from the 2nd mortgage. I no longer live in SC but that is the last address they would have on file. I have not updated my address since SC.

    What State would have jurisdiction over the collection and what State Laws would apply to Bank Account Seizure and Wage Garnishment? I'm not trying to avoid the collection, I just need to know what State Laws would apply so I can obtain correct legal advice.

    Thanks in advance for any answers/help.

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    Default Re: What State Has Jurisdiction for a Debt Collection if I Moved to Another State

    A foreclosure would be pursued in the state in which the property is located.

    A contractual or judgment debt (once the judgment is domesticated) can be pursued in any state in which you are found.

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    Default Re: What State Has Jurisdiction for a Debt Collection if I Moved to Another State

    Before you worry about collections, they have to properly sue you and have jurisdiction. They have to find you first and serve you in person.

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