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    Question Time Limit to Press Charges Against Son for Taking Father's Car Without Permission

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ohio

    My son's friend took his father's car without permission. The father did not know where the car was and reported it stolen. The father called the son at the suggestion of the officers and they found out the son did have the car.The police came and talked to the son and his friends that were in the car with him.(All juveniles) None of the other boys knew this kid had taken the car without his father's permission and none of the boys knew that this kid did not have a valid driver's license, also.
    The father wanted to press charges for his son stealing the car, but decided not to when officers told him they would have to press charges against all boys in the car, as well as his son. The father told police he would not press charges, but we are worried he will get mad at his son later and decide to press charges. They do not have a good relationship. If this father already told police he did not want to press charges, can he change his mind and come back later and press charges against his son for stealing the car? If so , how long does he have to change his mind? We are worried the friends/passengers will be charged also.

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    Default Re: Time Limit to Press Charges Against Son for Taking Father's Car Without Permissio

    He has the duration of the statute of limitations to try to press charges, but realistically speaking once you tell the police "I don't want to press charges," your later "I changed my mind" is likely to be met with, "We closed that file."

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