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    Default Cargo Found Corroded Due to Shipping Company's Negligence

    We arranged with the owners of The Profit Vessel for the carriage of a consignment of steel coils from XX1 to XX2 and a bill of lading is issued to me(I'm UK resident). On her previous voyage, The Profit(the vessel) carried a cargo of caustic salts. The vessel had arrived in XX1 on the 10th of May 2009 and discharged the salts five days later. The holds were flushed in an attempt to cleanse them. the steel was then loaded aboard the vessel during the 16th the 17th of the same month, and the vessel sailed the following day.

    On the voyage, The Profit ran into a storm and sea water entered the cargo holds as the latter had been left open.

    When the cargo was unloaded, it was found to be badly corroded. The possible causes of this corrosion were:
    a) the failure to adequately clean the holds,
    (b) the failure to close the hatches and
    (c) the failure of the crew to pump out the cargo hold bilges.

    We decided t osue the shipowners in the English courts for damages.

    Is there any possibility of successful claim;;

    Thank you a lot

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    Default Re: Cargo Found Corroded Due to Shipping Company's Negligence

    I expect you could make a case, but this is a U.S. forum and we're not positioned to explain U.K. law to you. Further, this appears (no offense) to be homework.

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