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    Default Obtaining ID when You Only Have a Birth Certificate

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of Colorado.

    Please let me know if this is posted in the wrong forum. I couldn't find a more related place to post this.

    My boyfriend has been trying to obtain identification for quite some time now. (NOT a driver's licence. His license is suspended so he just needs a regular state ID.) He has been both indegent and transient for several years, and he lost his social security card a long time ago. The last time he had a photo ID, it was from the state of California. We weren't living there at the time he got it, only passing through, but he needed an ID so we went through the homeless shelter. The shelter contacted the DMV in Kansas, where his most recent photo ID had been from. They faxed a copy of his old ID, and we went to the DMV and showed them both his birth certificate and the copy of his last ID, using the address of the homeless shelter for his residence. That's how we got the California ID. He lost that shortly after, and since then he's been without an ID again and we are living in Colorado.

    Now we once again have only his birth certificate. We went to the DMV and they told us in order to obtain ID, you must present both a birth certificate and a social security card. They sent us to the social security office, and told us we'd receive a temporary SS card that we could use at the DMV. We went to the social security office to do this, and they told us in order to obtain a SS card, you must present both a birth certificate and a photo ID. They sent us to the Department of Revenue in Lakewood, CO, and they said that was the ONE and only place in Colorado that we could obtain a photo ID with only a birth certificate. So we drove two hours to the Department of Revenue, waited in line for almost four hours. We went up to the counter and they gave us a piece of paper stating he could get his ID just as soon as he presented TWO of the following documents: a birth certificate, a social security card, and a photo ID. And they turned us away.

    And no, unlike the state of Kansas, the state of California will NOT fax photocopies of IDs.

    What to do??? It seems we are out of options.

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    Default Re: Obtaining ID when You Only Have a Birth Certificate

    Even though it is a drive, could consider driving to Kansas just across the border and see if he can obtain a KS ID but however, need a KS address since they no longer issue the ID over the counter and mail it instead.

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