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    Angry Lein Holder Refuses to Release Title Even Though Loan is Paid in Full

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: CALIFORNIA.

    Wells Fargo Auto Finance refuses to release Title even though the vehicle loan was paid in full in 2009.

    Wells Fargo verified the loan is Paid in Full, and I am listed on the Title as a Registered Owner with another person in an "OR" capacity. The Wells Fargo loan however, was issued only in the other person's name, despite both of us being on the Title. Because I am not "on the loan documents", they will not send me the completed paperwork (release of lein) to file with DMV. Wells Fargo actually refuses to talk to me since I am not "on the account". And, the other registered owner will not cooperate in any way.

    I cannot file a "Duplicate or Lost Title" request, as the Title will only go back to Wells Fargo since DMV still shows them as the Lien holder. DMV told me there is nothing they can do to get the Title. I sent a DMV "Lien Satisfied" form to Wells Fargo and they never responded. What are my legal rights as a Registered Owner? Can Wells Fargo really hold the Lien on the Title even though the loan is satisfied?

    HELP please anyone?

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    Default Re: Lein Holder Refuses to Release Title Even Though Loan is Paid in Full

    Wells Fargo has no obligation to talk to you if you were not on the loan contract. Where is this person? How did you get on the title without also being on the loan?

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