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    Default Can an Employer Legally Treat You Horribly to Get You to Quit

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Pa
    I was a Parole Officer in my county for 15 years. I have been dealing with a severe back problem for 7 years and have since been fired and am now receiving total ssd ( I have stenosis, degenerative disk, arthitis). Before I was fired, I believe I was being treated horribly to make me quit so they did not have to fire me. #1) Our front desk secretary, Ill call her " Betty" became extreemly mean and would say to my parolees that I was "crazy" and on drugs. She also would do things in the office like spill things, leave lights on, not lock the door, and blame it on me. They were never my respnsibilities to begin with. My supervisor also began to lie about me saying I would not show for work, when indeed I was there. When I was confronted by my Big Boss, I told him what was going on and he believed me but said there was nothing he could do. Ii ended up going out on family leave and was appoved for it before I left. I then got a call at home saying if I was not in work the next day, I would be terminated. I just said do what you need to do ( that was the advice from my attorny as I was applying for SSD. This Betty went far beyond just saying things to my clients, she made every day miserable. She would talk about me saying I was a bitch, a crazy lunatic, on drugs, right in front of my face and in the waiting room. My Parolees respected me and would tell me what she would say as they were waiting to be seen by me. I would go home crying every day. I would like to know if they had a right to fire me, and if that would be considered harassment? I could go into detail as I had a diary of every thing that happend, this was just the tip of the iceburg. All in All im so glad Im not working there any more. I just had a spinal cord stimulator implanted in my lower back and although Im still sore, Im hoping this will help the pain.

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    Default Re: Can an Employer Legally Treat You Horribly to Get You to Quit

    From what you've told us they didn't fire you - you quit - so the question of whether "they had a right to fire [you]" is moot. We don't know whether there were any formal disciplinary procedures for your former workplace; if so, presumably they would have had to have been followed; if not, presumably you were an at-will employee who could be fired at any time as long as your legally protected rights were not violated (e.g., FMLA, ADA, anti-discrimination laws).

    Having a secretary who doesn't like you, says mean things, and spreads gossip about you is something you would address with her supervisor. You've not given us any reason to believe that your employer encouraged or condoned her actions. We have no way of knowing why your boss thought that there was nothing he could do - perhaps he was too lazy to go through the disciplinary process against a long-term employee who was a union member?

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