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    Default What Legal Remedies Do You Have if a Used Car Breaks Down

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: CALIFORNIA

    I purchased a 2005 Chevy Silverado from a local reputable "mom and pop" dealership. This particular vehicle had been on their lot for awhile because I noticed it on my way to and from work for about a month. On the day I went in to test drive the truck they had been using it for personal business or business business I don't know, but it had debris in the back like they were making a dump run. It wasn't a big deal to me at all, infact it showed me that they trusted the truck to work and function properly. I also had a carfax done on it, which showed 1 previous owner and no issue's. The truck has 75,000 miles on it.

    I test drove the vehicle and it drove fine. On a return trip I took the vehicle to a local mechanic I trust and he did a standard "look over and test drive" and determined it would be a trustworthy vehicle.

    I secured financing thru a company and have had the truck for about 5 months. During the 2nd week of owning the truck the radiator "blew" or "cracked" and I had to have it replaced.

    During the 3rd week of owning the truck something with the alignment came out of whack drastically and had to be taken into a shop to be fixed and realligned.

    After this problem, I contacted the dealership about these issue's and they stated I could bring the truck to them for repairs. They are NOT a service center or anything like that. Sales only. I told them I wouldn't let them service it unless they were properly licensed to do so. They said there was nothing further they could do then.

    Month 3 of owning the truck, the water pump went out completely. Had to be replaced.

    Month 4 of owning the truck the Alternator went out.

    All of this is very frustrating & im not sure if I have ANY recourse what so ever? Is there anything that can be done? Or am I completely SOL? I mean Ive spent thousands of dollars getting this stuff repaired, and STILL have to make my payments and whatever.

    Im not trying to hold the finance company liable, but perhaps the dealership? Please help. Because my money is running out and I have a family to provide for. We thought we were getting a good deal, and took precautions to avoid buying a bad car, ie mechanic and carfax.... but seem to still have fallen into a hole.

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    Default Re: What Legal Remedies Do You Have if a Used Car Breaks Down

    Did you buy the truck AS-IS, or was there a warranty?

    Also what was the cost of the truck without tax, tag and financing?

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