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    Default Impact of Juvenile Record on a Background Check

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: CA

    I have a CA juvenile criminal record dating 20 years back when I was around 13yr old, maybe 14yr old. My conviction was for multiple felony for stealing cars. No criminal history after that point.

    Move forward 20 years later, I have a professional degree from the state university and am working in the profession for a couple of years. It requires a criminal background check, which I have passed multiple times from different employer.

    I really don't want to apply to have my juvenile record seal. To me it feels like a like trojan horse, and my life could coming crashing down if I apply. I have a few years to go until I turn 38 and the records are destroyed. Based on this site anyways. Not sure how accurate that site is.

    My question is:

    1. What will show up from my juvenile record if the FBI do a background check? I read in many places that CA protects juvenile records and keeps this info private.

    2. Is there any way to a background check on yourself to see what will show up?

    I tried to buy a gun and was denied. Strange thing is that I purchased guns before in the past and had no problem. Am wondering if it has something to do with my record as a juvenile or just a case of someone having the same name as mine with a criminal record. I have a permit to carry a gun, so this is puzzling. I'm pretty sure 9/11 has something to do with it. Maybe I'm just paranoid.


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    Default Re: Impact of Juvenile Record on a Background Check

    If you have not sealed your juvenile record, a check of your state criminal record will turn up your juvenile record.

    Information on how to request your own criminal history can be found here.

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