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    Default Career in Law Enforcement with Juvenile Record

    My question involves a background check in the State of: Michigan

    When I was 16, I got in a fight with my dad at home (not a fist fight, just wrestling around) and the police were called. I was arrested and adjudicated for misdemeanor domestic violence after pleading no contest, and placed on probation. I did violate this probation a few times by doing simple but stupid things, like going to a party after my probation curfew at night. However, those probation violations were not criminal charges and a visit to my county building has revealed that the only thing on my record is a "petition" for misdemeanor domestic violence.

    I have found that under the circumstances, this adjudication/petition does NOT bar me from possessing or handling firearms.

    When I go to apply for a job in the law enforcement field after I graduate from college, there will be no less than six years between me and my juvenile petition, I will have a bachelors in criminal justice, and three years of experience in the security industry. My petition will also be expunged by then, though I'm aware I have to disclose it anyway. The petition is the only thing on my record, not even any traffic violations.

    What is my outlook for getting a career in law enforcement?

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    Default Re: Career in Law Enforcement with Juvenile Record

    What you describe is not likely to be a legal bar to employment, but an employer may take this history into account in the hiring process.

    However, given the time and what you intend to have accomplished by the time you apply you should be good. Reliable work history, no serious run-ins, schooling, all those will go towards showing that you have matured. But, it will dog you. All you can do is keep plugging away and touting your accomplishments, not what you once did.
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    Default Re: Career in Law Enforcement with Juvenile Record

    Were you tried as an adult? I am in the corrections program at school and if you have any felonies or domestic violence you cannot finnish school because you cannot work with the police officers. Even if the domestic violence was lowered due to plea bargain. So you need to find out how you was tried. Once you do if you stay out of trouble for two years after being off paper etc.. I believe that juvenile records are sealed. Plus I'm not sure how old you are but you cannot be a police officer until age 21.

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