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    Default Filing Taxes and Using an ITIN Based on Current Status

    I am a US citizen and currently petitioning for my husband. He entered with F-1 status, which is currently expired. Now that I'm trying to file my taxes this year, I realize that I must file as married, either filing separately or jointly. He was issued a # at the school he was attending, but that number is 'invalid' when I have tried to use it as his SS# while e-filing. He has no income to report, but I am forced to add his information if I file this year, which I must. Do we have to apply for an ITIN for him in order for me to file this year? Does he meet 'nonresident alien' status?

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    Default Re: Filing Taxes and Using an ITIN Based on Current Status

    He was issued what type of number and why is it "invalid"? Is it a SSN?

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    Default Re: Filing Taxes and Using an ITIN Based on Current Status

    It's a 9-digit number, like XXX-XX-XXX, but begins with 999. He was only supposed to use it at school if he were employed there. He didn't work on campus or off. I tried using it as a ssn on the tax forms, since on was required, and it stated that it was invalid. From what I've read 999-numbers are only temporary ssn's, and are generally considered invalid. I'm planning to apply for an extension this year and file once my husband receives a SSN. Is that what you recommend?

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