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    Default Do I Need a Waiver or a Visa

    In Dec 2005, I was denied entry to the US, while in attendance with my 7 month old son (who was born in the US), and my American husband. We had never filed any papers to adjust my status while I lived in the US, and upon returning to the border they questioned me, took my fingerprints, and gave me a 5 yr ban. I was turned back into Canada, and my husband continued on into the US. I've had our child ever since while remaining in Canada. My ban expired in Dec 2010, and I'd like to apply to return for visitation reasons only, not to ever live there again.

    Do I need to apply for a waiver? or a visa? And if a visa is needed, which one? Thanks so much.

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    Default Re: Do I Need a Waiver or a Visa

    You have told us that your period of ineligibility is over, so you should qualify for a visa (although we can't guarantee that you'll get one). From what you've told us so far, which isn't much, I expect that you will need a visa. If you want to enter as a tourist, presumably you would apply for a tourist visa.

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