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    Default How Does Bank of America Serve Notices of Foreclosure in California

    My question involves a foreclosure in the State of: California

    Upon reading the posting by someone else (below), I have a question.

    "Here in MN once you get the notice from their attorney that it will be going into a sheriff's sale - approx a month after you get the letter saying it's going to their attorney - another month until the sheriff's sale and then a 6 month redemption period. I received my info from the city Foreclosure Prevention office (they told me to file bk). You may be able to get the info from an office in CA or, as I said, hopefully a CA foreclosure person will respond."

    To those of you that live in Southern California or the Los Angeles area, how were you served with your Bank Of America Foreclosure notice? Did you get a letter from B of As lawyer telling you about a sheriff sale? Did the sheriff just show up out of the blue one day at your front door to serve you papers? Did a process server serve you with papers?

    How does the 6 month redemption period work?


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    Default Re: How Does Bank of America Serve Notices of Foreclosure in California

    If you're talking about judicial foreclosure, although I suspect that's not going to happen, you would be served with papers most likely by a process server.

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    Default Re: How Does Bank of America Serve Notices of Foreclosure in California

    Thank you Mr. Knowitall. I just found out, here is what happens in California:

    The Notice of Default is the beginning of the foreclosure process in California.

    Notice of Default period runs three months followed by an approximate 3 week Notice of Trustee's Sale period, then the public auction. There is no redemption period after the
    Trustee's Sale.

    However, upon being in contact with others in other foreclosure forums, I can not see that I ever received a NOD, I only received a certified "NOTICE OF INTENT TO ACCELERATE”. So I am looking in my files to see if I ever got a NOD, but that was the only certified letter I received from B of A over my potential foreclosure situation, and I can not find where I ever received a NOD from B of A.

    Upon receiving a letter from B of A on Wednesday stating that I need to provide a copy of my homeowners insurance policy, IN THE SAME LETTER, they told me that my house is in foreclosure. Yet based on some of the junk mail foreclosure and bankruptcy help letters that I have received today and yesterday, I know that B of A must have done something this week that allowed these bottom feeder companies to gain access to my foreclosure problems with B of A. Yet I plan to go to the courthouse next week, to see if there is a record of B of A actually filing my NOD.


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