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    Default Credit Dispute Over Charged Off Loan

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: North Carolina. I was in the military back in 2009. I had a second lien on my car and while I was gone the company charged off my account. Since this time I have contacted the company as well as their attorney ( because they instructed me to) and they attorney will not communicate with me at all. They will not acknowledge that I have an account thus they will not send me a bill or a settlement. I have been calling and speaking with the same person in their office for almost 6 months. I have also sent emails per her requests stating my situation. None of this has gotten me anywhere with them . I feel like I am being held a credit hostage. What can I do to get this handled when they will not communicate with me?

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    Default Re: Credit Dispute Question

    not sure what is happening here. Are you trying to pay off a debt that the lender does not acknowledge?

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