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    Default Billed for Tuition From Courses I Never Attended at a Private College

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: MA

    I attended a private collage in Boston from Fall 04 until Spring 05. All of that was paid back then before ever attending a class so it's not about that. My aid fell through for Fall 05 term which I found out about in late June or July. I think I remember getting a tuition bill over the summer after I found out about the aid - in fact I believe it came very soon after. I kinda laughed because it was for around 30k, and I remember thinking short of winning the lottery it wasn't getting paid. I was absolutely depressed that I spent all my money to go back after years off, and two I didn't know where I was going to go live as I was in a short term situation a thousand miles away. I literally had not one penny at this time and pretty much thought life was over. For financial reasons I had no options but to go to FL to pick up the pieces.

    According to my college I had signed up for 2 classes before my last semester in Spring 05. For the life of me I don't ever remember signing up for classes for the next year. I'm not one to get things done on time, nor was I sure what my financial situation would be. I do recall meeting with an academic advisor at the end of the term though. We went through my classes and he told me everything I needed to take to complete my major. I can't recall if we scheduled anything or not - or if we even could. Maybe they go quickly so he stuck me in a couple? Maybe he advised and I agreed... Honest to god I don't know and can't remember. I was thinking that at the very least if we proved the registration came from his office that might help my case - I dunno maybe it will hurt. That's why I'm here.

    It was just today that I found out about this, and I thought that it was paid. I know that in Jan 07 I started a new job and was able to check my credit. Also, this is the first time since college that I really got my grounding back. I wanted to start getting back on track and fix up what I could as well. I had 2 collections on my report from my college, one which they are calling a 'servicer' but with their name next to it on the report. One was for 2200 and the other was 5000. I knew that I didn't return my computer and I would need to pay them for that. I thought this was 2200 and the price was right. The other, I just had no idea. I know collection companies will take say a 3.5k credit card they buy calling you saying you owe 8/9k so anything less sounds great. With the two names being different that is what I thought was going on. One for the right amount and the other to make me call ... I just don't know, and I'm quite positive it doesn't matter. Truths, facts, and laws are nothing alike... I'm just throwing everything I've got because if I can't fix this it's going to be a difficult obstacle in more ways than one.

    I called the woman at the college after finding out about this, and she sent me the account statement. I noticed the dates and I certainly wasn't in school with them at the time so I was actually excited for a second. I thought they might owe me some money back. In 2007 I had a student loan that I started paying on again. I got a call later in the year to consolidate that one being Sallie Mae for "x" and another for around 3600 that I owed to said college. I don't remember if he was calling about the Sallie Mae one or the college one, so I can't be sure but when the 3600 came up it wasn't from me. My report showed 2200 and 5000. I figured that the 2 collections from said college with slightly different reporting names were a more accurate combination of the two. Another thing is that I remember not wanting to deal with any of that because work was slow. For some reason or another I think he told me that I kind of had to do it. I'm sure their calls are recorded so that would be a very easy find.

    I have the record coming from the new Fed loan in 9 business days or less, so we'll see just what got paid. They state it's not them and only their servicer and they can't tell me why the 2200 was actually the new and improved 3600. I thought that was a combination of the two previous ones because I figured if the guy consolidating my loans said that this money was going to said college and they sent the bill that I would be square. Since that date this is the first time that I've had any contact with Bentley. Out of the blue I go for a new position last week and this happens. It didn't 4yrs ago when I applied for my current job and I'm sure they requested transcripts.

    Bottom line is that I found out today about this and I'm furious. The woman at said college stated I registered for 2 classes and did not cancel nor attend so I was given an F in both. I was a full time student though, and I allegedly clicked a button to sign up for 2 classes that I did not attend and their 30k bill had not been paid. Don't you think they would put two and two together or is that the M.O.? There are always people switching classes around when everyone gets there and I didn't live on campus either so no loss there. I mean they even slapped it on my credit report in mid Nov. 07, before the semester was even over! Not sure if that means anything or not and that would be the 5k one. I think the other one came around the same time and probably first.

    This may have been stupid but the woman said I could file a petition after I pleaded with her. I emailed the other woman a 10 page novel explaining everything. I've been thinking about this all day though so a couple things became a little clearer and have added them here. I wasn't in the best mindset and it took me 2hrs to write it up earlier. It was level headed 98% of the way through and I didn't say anything other than what happened and about my life. I'm not sure what the verdict will be however if its anything like the response I got back from the original woman I'm thinking it won't be good.

    The original woman responded back to me with the lady from the collection company cc'd on it (not who I spoke to originally). She stated a couple things, the major being that she pasted all their attempts to contact me over the years. She had brought this up initially as well. There has not been one time other than the guy that called about the 3600 college one that I knew about. I don't doubt they tried to contact me, but I NEVER saw anything - ever! No phone calls they made and none of the certified letters that showed as returned on her printout. If one ever came and I saw it I'm sorry I just don't remember. They had my mother's info because of aid I'm sure, they could have caller her. You could hold me over the edge of a building and I would say the same thing so I guess I don't know why she's making such a big deal about it. Seems like moot point anyways. The only difference being I would have called IMMEDIATELY had I know so I could fight it like I'm going to now. My credit is impeccable now and as far as I know that collection account has been in closed status on my inactive accounts since I consolidated those 2 loans. I have about 7 credit reports from over the past 4yrs as well. My most current report from late January of this year now is missing the word "closed." but the prior ones aren't. I noticed this for the first time as well today too, before I was only concerned with my score and active accounts.

    So that's it, all I got folks. Hopefully I gave enough detail to get a response a little more elaborate than, "Sorry buddy, you're going to have to pay that - they're the boss." Even thought that is the typical response I've been seeing out there. I'm hoping that because it's a private college I might stand a chance. For the record it's now a university. I truly do appreciate any assistance that anyone on here may be able to offer, and thanks for taking the time to read this. Believe me it was a whole lot worse typing it up.

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    Default Re: Billed for Tuition From Courses I Never Attended at a Private College

    I want to say, up front, that there are a number of private colleges that are notorious for claiming that students who dropped out signed up for additional classes that they did not pay for. There have been a number of media articles about that problem. You may want to run some Google searches for your college's practices to see what comes up.

    Unpaid tuition debt is one thing. Student loans are another thing, entirely. If you assume that paying a claim by your school for unpaid tuition will cause a Sallie Mae student loan to be paid off, no, that won't happen.

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