My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: Minnesota
Sitting here wondering if my family has a suit against the doctor/hospital that resulted in the death of my mother in law. First and foremost I believe the statute of limitations on a lawsuit for this matter is 3 years. Not 100% sure on this. \

My mother in law was admitted to the hospital on a Monday mid morning. She had visited the doctor complaining of chest pains. (she is 53). The doctor at the clinic was concerned enough to have her transported by ambulance to the hospital for more testing. She was admitted.

While in the hospital she under went a stress test, and was on a heart monitor the entire time she was there. My husband ( her son) and I went to the hospital to see her Monday night. While we were there her moniter alarmed 3 times or so. I being the worrier that I am started to question the nurse. The nurses response was vauge, but she didn't seem to be too upset. She just stated that she (my mother in law) was having some PVCs.

She remained in the hospital for the main part of Tuesday to finish up the test and results from those tests.

I called her Tuesday evening at about 7pm and asked her how things were going. She stated to me at that time the doctor had given her a "clean bill of health", and she was on here way home.

Much to my surprise, my husband called me the next morning (Wednesday) having heard his Mom's address over his pager (he is a local volenteer fireman), saying there was a 50 some year old woman found unconcious. I at the time wasn't overly worried. After all she had just told me not even 12 hours earlier, that the doctor gave her a clean bill of health right? Much to my dismay however, my husband after leaving work and driving the 15 miles to his Mom's house found the police and ambulance there, only to find out that the had already called estimated time of death!!

Are you serious???? How can she be released from the hospital, and dead not even 12 hours later????

After autopsy:
The Autopsy report reads:
The most likely explanation of death is a fatal cardiac arrhythmia of unknown etilology. The myocarditis was focal and mild in the sections examined, but cannot be completely excluded as a contributing factor.

Is this something her children should be looking into as a possible malpracitce issue??? Please help!