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    Question Timeline for Receipt of a Settlement

    I was in a car accident in September '05. I hired a lawyer three weeks later only because I was getting no cooperation from my own insurance company. I began chiropractic care in mid October and completed all my medical care in mid January. I notified the legal assistant that medical care was complete and they told me they would begin working on the demand letter. Needless to say, I was given the runaround for several weeks - months in fact - but finally was told that the demand letter was sent to AmFam Insurance June 1.

    So here we are July 3rd. I was told last week that AmFam Ins. would be making an offer next week (July 10). If I should accept the offer, how long before I actually receive the settlement check? I don't want to seem money hungry, but I am at a point now where I will accept anything just to be done with this matter.

    I'm desperate because I need a vehicle ASAP. I already missed two semesters of school because of this accident and I don't want to miss the coming fall semester because I still don't have a car (which was totaled in the accident).

    Any info would be much appreciated (and helpful considering my legal team can't give me much to go on.)

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    Insurance companies work at their own speed; but once a case is settled and the release and settlement agreement have been executed, you would usually receive a check within 30-60 days. Sometimes sooner; a month is not atypical.

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    Default Re: Timeline for Receipt of a Settlement

    What state did it happen in?

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    This happened in Nevada. While I'm back on the subject . . . What are the chances that the first offer I get will be an acceptable amount? In the demand letter, my lawyer asked for the maximum - to leave room for negotiation. But how likely is it that the first offer will be reasonable?

    Thanks for the interest and the advice.

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    It's hard to know, as we don't know the nature or extent of your injuries or the amount demanded by your lawyer. The best person to guess how the insurance company will respond is your lawyer.

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    Thanks for the info. I know I left a lot of important information out of my original post - I'm not sure how much is too much - so I'll provide a bit more.

    Regarding injuries: CT pelvic/abdominal/head scans were conducted. While nothing was broken, I did have contusions on my right ankle, left foot, left hand, and all around my mid section (front to back). These areas were swollen and inflamed for months. I could barely walk for weeks; I couldn't get out of bed on my own; I couldn't use my left hand for months. I had lacerations to my chest and on my abdomen. Nerves in my back were pinched, leaving my left upper leg numb for approx. 2-3 months (parasthesia, I believe it's called). I still have numbness, but not nearly as much. I also suffered a concussion.

    The most serious injury was to my abdomen. The seatbelt laceration was deep enough to cause disfigurement (basically, the seatbelt "dug" into me, leaving a deep cut) The blunt trauma to my abdomen caused tissue necrosis and is, in fact, still very sensitive after 10 months. I had chiropractic treatment three times a week for 3 months. I was told by my doctors that this type of soft tissue damage can take up to two years to heal properly.

    I provided graphic color photos to my attorney documenting these injuries.

    So, I was contacted by my attorney this morning. AmFam is offering $22,500. After attorney fees I would get approx. $5,000. Is this amount fair? I lost my vehicle in the accident, but more importantly, am still suffering from my abdominal injuries. Am I wrong in feeling that this offer is too low.

    Any outsider perspectives and first-hand knowledge would be greatly appreciated.


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