My question involves an easement in the state of: Washington, Thurston County

I own the landlocked property. The driveway is an easement across neighbor's property. Their fence is 4'10" into the 15' wide driveway. I have access to my property, but it is limited to the 10'2" wide, which provides a challenge for ingress/egress of larger vehicles. There is fencing on both sides of the driveway, as the other neighbor also has a fenced yard.

I have owned my property for 2+ years, and the fence (and trees, which are on/over the proper line) were there when I moved in. The neighbor thusfar is not interested in moving the fence because they don't want to take down the trees that would need to be moved or cut down.

The neighbor recently had a survey completed (recorded with the county) documenting the 15' wide easement location. They obtained the survey to address a fencing issue on the other side of their property. The fence in question has probably been there longer than the neighbors have been, and I believe they purchased the property about 10 years ago.

I will definitely try "bribery" first, by offering to pay for a new cedar fence along the driveway and to pay for a new cedar fence (currently chainlink) for the line between our properties. However, based on their lack of response and interest in negotiation so far, I am not confident that will get the fence/trees moved.

Legally, are they required to move the fence/trees out of the 15' wide easement area that is the only access to my landlocked property? Can you point me to the municiple/county codes, WACs, or RCWs for this? I have looked through all the ones I can find and just cannot seem to find anything specifically addressing this. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!