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    Default How to Reopen a Misdemeanor Case

    My question involves criminal law for the state of:Florida
    I was arrested for writing a worthless check in 2005 it was under $150.00 so it was n misdemeanor charge. But like a week ago I got a fired from a government position because it came up on my record as a felony. I made some phone calls and I got the issue rectified. During my investigation I found out I was wrongly arrested. The check I was arrested for; had cleared two weeks after I wrote it. I verified with the supermarket who I wrote the check to and my bank. My question is how can I get this case reopened and have this charge clear from my record. Not expunge/seal.

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    Default Re: How to Reopen a Misdemeanor Case

    So you entered a guilty plea to this offense, back in 2005? Why?

    What is the statute number of the crime you pleaded guilty to having committed?

    Typically in bad check cases the merchant has to jump through a series of hoops, providing notice to the issuer of the bad check that the check was dishonored and giving opportunity for payment, before the police will authorize charges. What happened in your case?

    Why did it take you six years to figure out that the check had cleared when it was redeposited?

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