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    Default Order of Contempt vs. Default Judgement

    My question involves judgment recovery in the State of: Mass

    Got a letter today from an Atty office. "By failing to appear at the recent hearing, the court has issued an order of contempt to have you brought to court by a sheriff. While we have not done so yet, we may act on this Capias. A court hearing would require an exam of your financial situation yadda yadda yadda."
    Does that indicate that there was a default judgement entered against me?
    Anyway, I currently goto the court house about every 4 months when I get the bench warrant in the mail(for a different debt). I meet with someone, promise to pay, then go back when I get another bench warrant for non payment. It's a viscous cycle.
    So, I am obviously no stranger to how these things work.
    However, I honestly didn't get anything to appear in court for this particular debt. I have no idea when the court date was, or what the debt was for. I am however prepared to goto court for yet another case in June. ( don't judge me, I got divorced 7 years ago, and got all the debt. Now, everyone's coming for me all at once).
    So, do you think that letter indicates a default judgement? Or just another scare tactic? There is a docket number on the letter. I'm not even sure what courthouse I can check for validity.


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    Default Re: Order of Contempt vs. Default Judgement

    The letter may indicate a default judgment. Check the court file from the case to see if and how you were supposedly served, and to verify the status of the case.

    It may be time for you to consult a bankruptcy lawyer.

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    Default Re: Order of Contempt vs. Default Judgement

    How does one request the court file form to see if and how one is supposedly served? What should I be looking for to help me get the judgment vacated or declared void?

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