My wife and I got married in November. She is from the philippines and has a B2 Visitor visa. She was adopted in the philippines by a US Citizen when she was 14. She recieved a B2 visa and came to the US. She returned to the philippines before the visa expired and applied for another one which doesnt expire till april of this year (2011). After returning to the US with her adoptive parents they filed for permanent residence but she was already 16 and USCIS responded with something like "although the adoption took place when she was 14, she is now 16 and no longer eligible to be naturalized based on adoption" She never returned to the philippines after that. I met her after she had been living in the US for 3 years. I married her in november and we filed I90, I130, I140, I485, and I765. Weve already recieved the receipt and the appointment to get finger prints which is later this week. Ive read online that they may make her leave the country because of her B2 Visa status.. Is this true and if so what steps will happen next? more paper work or she just leaves the country and awaits the already submitted paperwork to process? Im a Soldier in the US Army and the immigration liason didnt mention anything like that but after reading the online posts im kind of nervous. Thank you for your time.