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    Default Trailing Spouse Provision in California

    I am moving from SF to LA for a new job, my husband has to quit his job to move with me (his company is only located in SF). We are trying to start a family and living apart will not work for our marriage. I understand he could still qualify for unemployment through the trailing spouse provision.
    1. Are there any specific rules to this we need to know?
    2. What should he put in his resignation letter to ensure that he can get unemployment?
    3. How does he apply for unemployment in this situation and what important things does he need to put in his application?

    Thank you so much!

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    Default Re: Trailing Spouse Provision in California

    The rules are here.

    It would make sense to document in the letter of resignation the facts that are leading to the resignation - the spouse found better employment out of state and the employee is resigning in order to move with the spouse, etc.

    You apply for unemployment by filling out an application. It's pretty straightforward. Is there something on the application that concerns you?

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