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    Default Dad's Girlfriend Hitting Child on Visits

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: New Yok

    I have tried EVERYTHING to try and resolve this matter. My children have come home from visits telling me they have seen the father and girlfriend arguing and fighting in front of them, my son has come home with swollen eyes, they have come home telling me the girlfriend has hit my daughter, my 3 year old daughter even picked up the "humping" habit. She came home from a visit humping on my son and when I asked her where did she get that from she said thats what the fathrs girlfriend does to te father. My son has also told me that they allow my daughter to sleep in the bed with them.

    I have called ACS, the police, and brought these matters up in court and NOTHING is being done. The hitting incident I presented in court and I was told to call ACS which I had already done. Referee told me was making allegations ad she did nothing about looking into them. Police said if there are no marks on my child there is nothing they will do. My children DO NOT like being around this female and I have stated so in court. Referee refuses to give my children law guardians.

    At our last court appearance, referee made a final order for dad to have every other weekend over night visits continued, I asked AGAIN about keeping the girlfriend away from the children and it was disregarded becuase dad claimed they are getting married. I have presented pictures of the girlfriends son with a liquor bottle up to his mouth that she posted online, incidents where she left her own child unattended and police were involved, the fact that the girlfriend is on medication because she is bi polar, and the incident about tem fighting in front of my children and it was all ignored. What more can I do to ensure the safety of my children?

    The referee also added in the ordered we are not allowed to file a supplemental petition without permission from the court for 12 months because we have been to court 11 times within 6 months or so. Is that correct?

    This is not the first incident that the referee has ignored my concerns about my childrens safety and about my safety ( I have and order of protection against dad). What can be done about this?

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    Default Re: Dad's Girlfriend Hitting Child on Visits

    I'm sorry, but evidently the court and ACS don't think it's anything to be overly concerned about - at this point all you can do is keep an eye on the situation and go on from there.

    Unless she actually represents a true threat, nothing is going to happen.

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    Default Re: Dad's Girlfriend Hitting Child on Visits

    Wow. It takes for something to happen for them to understand. What happened to trying to prevent it before it does? Even with incidents that have happened she is not hearing my side or allowing my children to be heard. I just dont understand how its ok for my 3 year old daughter to sleep in the bed with him and his girlfriend. ANd they evidently are having sex with her in bed with them.

    ACS keeps telling me they dont report back to the court unless the courts asks them to but all my concerns are valid. I just dont understand this whole process..

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