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    Default How Long Must I Wait to Remove Abandoned Property

    My question involves a roommate in the State of: Indiana
    In November, my husband and I allowed a family whose home was foreclosed upon to move into our basement temporarily while they found another home. They never had a lease, never paid ANY monies or contributed to the household, and they never had keys to the home. This quickly became a nightmare, as the man drank from sunup to sundown and the woman slept 16 hours a day. They continued to bring stray animals into the basement as "rescues" , although my child has asthma and allergies and we do not own pets, and never took them outside to relieve themselves resulting in urine and feces all over the basement. The basement is also covered with beer cans and cigarette butts. In February, they were asked to leave and they did so without being evicted. However, the majority of their items and all of their trash still remain in our basement and our garage is full to the ceiling with their property. They did rent a two day U-Haul and removed beds, dressers, and their washer and dryer in about an hour but failed to return with the U-Haul to remove anything else or clean up their mess. They have been asked daily in person and via text and cell phone to remove the items, and they make appointments with us to do so, but never show up. They have been gone for 3 weeks. When can we remove their abandoned property so we can get the place cleaned up?

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    Default Re: When Can Property Be Deemed Abandoned

    Rent a dumpster/drop box.
    Fill it with their left-behind belongings.
    Call/text them to ask where they want it delivered.
    If they don't respond or don't care have the box taken to the dump.
    I really doubt they want what they left at your home.

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    Default Re: How Long Must I Wait to Remove Abandoned Property

    I suggest formally notifying them by certified mail (backed up by first class mail in case they refuse to sign) that they have had ample opportunity to remove their belongings, came and removed what they wanted, and have expressed no interest or inclination in removing the remaining items, and that you are thus considering everything they have left behind to have been abandoned by them as trash and that it will be disposed of on a specified date (about 10 - 12 business days after mailing, or whatever you deem reasonable).

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