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    Default Police Report is Wrong

    My boyfriend and I decided to smoke K-2, which is legal. He had a volent reaction to it and hit me. neighbors called the cops. I was taken to the hospital and made a statement there of what happen. My statement and his statement stated that we smoke K-2. But the police report stated that it was marijuana and another report stated they found it on him. Now it is interfering with his job.

    Can any one help me get this staighting out?

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    Default Re: Police Report is Wrong

    Is this a current situation (the smoking and finding whatever)?

    and what exactly is interfering with his job? It's a bit unusual for an employer to obtain a police report concerning an incident. They tend to get the cliff's note version of a person's criminal record. As such, unless he was charged with mj in some way, the info concerning the drug would typically not be seen.

    was there any charges regarding the incident?

    and what state is this in?

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    Default Re: Police Report is Wrong

    If he is being charged with marijuana possession, and it is not marijuana, then he will prevail at court ... assuming you are correct and becoming high on K-2 is not a crime in your unnamed stgate.

    But, if he is charged with beating you, then whether it is marijuana or something else may have little relevance to the issue anyway. The fact that he beat you bad enough to put you in the hospital will be what is of concern more so than what he consumed.
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    Default Re: Police Report is Wrong

    K2 has been illegal in Kansas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.

    K2 has been a Schedule 1 of controlled substance in Oregon, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois.

    But, on 11/24/2010 the DEA made cannabicyclohexanol, which is the chemical in the K2 that gives you your high a Schedule I narcotic. Meaning, K2 is now considered a Schedule 1 narcotic and without a prescription, it is illegal to possess in all 50 U.S. States.

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    Default Re: Police Report is Wrong

    All the major brands of Kush and the like have been reformulated by their manufacturers PRIOR to all of this. The states were K2 is illegal got shipped a different formulation than other states. All the makers changed it before the DEA order went into effect.

    You can't go by the brand name, you need to look at the packaging which lists the active ingredients. I would bet that the active ingredient is not a listed one, unless the package was really old.

    If you/he purchased it from a store you would have a civil action against the store. See a good attorney. The store should also be busted. If they store hasn't been, chances are what you purchased is legal and there is no crime. No store selling this stuff would dare have old packages that are felony criminal offenses just sitting around. If they sold it they knew it was an old package and illegal. I would sue them into the ground.

    Also the police report or criminal complaint must identify the active ingredient, it can't just identify it by the brand name.

    You need to have the defense attorney look at these things right away.

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