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    I intend to sue Nextel for violations of FL ss559.72. they have now sent my bill to 3 different CA's despite the fact that I continue to dispute the validity of the bill because it's for an incorrect amount. I dont' like small claims, even though it's only a $1,000 suit, so I would like to sue in Circuit Court. I need an example of wording. I have federal suits for reference, but they include things about containing matters of material fact that would normally be expected to be tried all at once, so the federal court has pendant jurisiction over the plaintiff's state and federal claims. stuff like that. I have no federal law violations or i would just copy that and go federal. since the "dale earnhardt" law passed, only progress dockets are available online. There's a room in a local county courthouse where i can view filings, but how do I find a case similar to mine, is there anyway to have them sorted by what type of case they are ?

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    Your best chance of finding similar pleadings is to investigate case codes (different types of cases typically have different codes to help courts classify them), then ask the court to search their records (or search yourself if they are available) for lawsuits against the same (or a similar) defendant with the appropriate case code. That may not be very precise, depending upon how broad the codes are and how often the defendant gets sued in the particular court.

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