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    Default How Do I Change Judge Back to Original Divorce Judge for a Contempt Action Against Ex

    My question involves alienation of affection law for the State of: Georgia

    My ex has some many contemptable issues it is the same old story. I have filed contempt Pro Se as I can not long afford an attorney. I have been assigned a new judge that is unfamiliar with divorce now 1.5years old. Simple question what form do you file to change judge? Do I need to do that before or after requesing Rule Nisi?
    Is there a time limit after filing Contempt for either of these two documents to be filed.


    Divorce is an ugly business I wish those who are just starting out success. You probabley have your blinders on filled with anger and hate. Good News it will get so much better. Number one Rule keep your kids out of it. Think about the hell they are already going through!!!! Mediate Mediate Mediate!!!!!!!! Think of how nice it will be for your children if Mom and Dad can get along. Think of how scared they will be if they do not!

    Good Luck

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    Default Re: How Do I Change Judge Back to Original Divorce Judge for a Contempt Action Agains

    Are you talking about your divorce case, or a separate alienation of affection lawsuit? Huge difference.

    Why isn't the judge available? Is the judge on leave or vacation? Did the judge retire? Did the judge get switched to a different role? Is this a temporary or permanent reassignment?

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