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    Cool Shoplifting, Plead Guilty or Not Why

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Michigan

    I would like to know why do people have to plead NOT GUILTY, while the is a recording that proofs that the person actually stole the merchandise?
    if you plead guilty, you gonna have to pay about $300, if you don't, you gonna have to hire a public or private defender which will be more and more expensive. so why not just pay the $300 and go? how the public or private defender is going to help?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Shoplifting, Plead Guilty or Not Why

    By pleading Not Guilty, they have to provide evidence against you in court.

    They may also be nice and offer you a PLEA BARGAIN, where you plea guilty to a LESSER CHARGE. Therefore, lesser sentence, lesser record.

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    Default Re: Shoplifting, Plead Guilty or Not Why

    It seems to me that you may not completely understand why someone would enter a not guilty plea. For example: A teacher enters a book store to go over some research for a project they are working on, realizing after a few hours that they are late for a class quickly grabs what they thought were the books they brought in. Caught on camera and witnesses by employees, was this teacher guilty of shoplifting, or were they really guilty of making a very human mistake?
    In the case of this teacher, under the law, is not guilty of a crime. Crime requires an intent to deprive property, this person may plead not guilty to make the accusers prove that there was intent. You may ask why go through the trouble, and plea to a lesser charge. For some people a charge like this is bringing their integrity into question, and feel that they must defend themselves. Again, the example is a teacher, in a job or a position like that, a conviction would not look good in their favor.
    For you, it seems as if you are convinced of a person's guilt based on the action alone. Then allow a thought experiment; if you for some reason were at a store and distracted, and had accidentally made a similar mistake. You then were hauled off to the back room, you are scared, no idea what is going to happen to you, and you really did have every intent to pay for the item... would you fight for yourself?

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    Default Re: Shoplifting, Plead Guilty or Not Why

    Just to let you know i stole a 18pk of beer in CA it was my first offense ever and was charged with BURGLARY so that is a reason one would do something like that its not just petty theft if they want to screw you

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