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    Default Separated and Pregnant

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: South Carolina

    I live in SC. My husband lives in GA. I need a few answers.
    1. How do I get a divorce when my husband is running from the law for a crime he committed in GA?
    2. I am pregnant by my new boyfriend and have not been able to get my husband to sign the divorce papers.
    3. Does my child have to have my husband's last name if we all know for a fact that she is not his? He does not even know I am pregnant. I haven't spoken to him in over a year.

    I know in SC there is the presumed parentage law, but there are also laws that say it is illegal to put down a man as the father if you KNOW that he is not the father.
    I have considered giving the baby my maiden name until this whole thing is over, but that seems like a waste of time and money if I can just give her the real dad's last name and save us all the trouble. Someone please help. I am already 24 weeks pregnant and we are expecting her early because of some rather odd complications.
    All my gratitude

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    Default Re: Separated and Pregnant

    1. You need an attorney
    2. OK.
    3. Seriously Ali - you need an attorney.

    The divorce will NOT be finalized before you give birth and your husband will be at least initially the presumed legal father.

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