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    Default Battery charge after mixing meds with alcohol

    Hi, I am 28 years old and live in Volusia Cty. Florida. I have never been arrested or charged with ANY type of crime ever in my life. So now at 28 I am prescribed meds for my ADD, I mixed these with alcohol and there is about 45 minutes I don't remember. I went to a local strip club and spent $400+ there and the dancer was claiming I didn't pay her for my last couple dances.. I thought I did but this is about the time my memory got hazy. I remember seconds here and there in handcuffs and in the back of the squad car but I apparently tried to leave the club and they claimed that U still owed about $15. I was told later that the bouncer stood in the doorway and would not let me pass. I was told 45 mins later at the police station that the bouncer finally restrained me and I bit his arm, police said his arm had his blood on it when they got there. Nothing requiring hospitalization but bleeding nevertheless. After sitting in a holding cell my dad came and got me. The police told my dad I was instantly very very docile,calling them sir in every sentance, answering all the questions they asked honestly, etc. The cops could tell I was seriously messed up .. I couldn't even think of who my employer was, must have taken 5 mins. I never even knew what I had done that night until my dad finally told me after I was home.

    They basically told my dad I was incredibly cooperative/docile and thats why they were letting him pick me up that night, I never did go to "jail" and my dad didn't have to pay anything to get me out. They towed my car and it was $150 to get back (ouch) --So now here is my problem, My dad say the cops called what I did ==battery against the other man. Since I have zero record, what do you expect will happen to me in this case? What type of penalty might I be facing? Thank you for reading all
    this and please any help is appreciated.

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