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    Default First time shoplifting in Florida and so scared

    I have a daughter of 1 yr....and i am so scared...i cannot live normally anymore....i did shoplifting at macys in florida a jeans of $40.....I already have my court date.....what are the possible sentences.....OH...and i'm not us citizen but legal resident....please i need some true answers...i'm so scared of losing my there is anyway i can get out of it without anything on my criminal i suppose to take an attorney....please help

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    Default Re: Please help...1st time shoplifting in florida and so scared

    Please get an attorney. You will need professional help.
    Are you a permanent resident/green card holder? I am in the same state, I hvae a court date too. I do have an attorney, do not know how will it turn up, but I am hoping for the best.

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