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    Default disestablishing paternity

    Hello all,
    If anyone could give advice it would be much appreciated.

    A friend of mine was established a "father" by courts during a hearing in which he was not present for (didn't even know about). He has been fighting this for more than a few years now and ultimately took a paternity test to prove he is NOT the father. Test results came back true in that he is NOT the father. The problem is the birth mother was unfit and the child has since gone to 2 guardians and my friend is having a lot of money taken from his checks which shouldn't be because he isn't the father by DNA results. The courts have subpoena'd the birth mother supposedly but she will not show up and apparently she knows she will stop receiving money, so she is not inclined to make an appearance. The legal issues started in Michigan. My friend lives her in IL and the birth mother is supposedly in Georgia. My friend is devasted because he had half of his check taken by 3 different parents for this child that is not his. While he does feel sorry for this poor fatherless child that is caught in the middle, it shouldn't be his responsibility. What can he do to stop what has already been taken and he will never see again?!!

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    Default Re: disestablishing paternity

    That doesn't make sense to me. If the court schedules a hearing and the mother fails to appear, the court would normally either default the mother or make a ruling based upon the presentations of the parties who did appear.

    Does your friend have a lawyer? If not, he should consider retaining one and getting the case wrapped up.

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