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    Default Can You Take Prescription Narcotics While on Parole

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Michigan. Ok, here it is.. I broke my collar bone while at work and the doctor perscribed me narcotic pain medication, I went to the parole office last week and I droped dirty for opiates. My parole officer told me that while on parole that I'm not allowed to take any kind of narcotic pain medication even if it was perscribed to me for a serious injury. I had the prescription with me and a note from the doctor and I showed it to him it made no difference to him. He told me to stop taking them and he was going to drop me again in a week and if I drop dirty he is going to violate me. I've been on parole for 5 months and never broke any of thier rules, am I breaking one now?? Can he really violate me for having a valid prescription?? I'm not a drug user and never have been in trouble for using, selling or abusing drugs. I went to prison for my 3rd dui. Is he just giving me a hard time or am I breaking the law??? What should I do?? Please help! Thank you...

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    Default Re: Can You Take Prescription Narcotics While on Parole

    I don't know the terms of your sentence or the terms of your probation, so I'm in no position to tell you what those terms are. If you take opiate pain medication and your probation officer commences probation violation proceedings, you will have the opportunity to make your case to the judge. Should you need pain medication again, I suggest either using a non-opiate medication or clearing it with your probation officer before taking any of the opiate/opioid medication.

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