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    Exclamation Forgery of LLC Member and Liability After Removed

    My question involves business law in the state of: Florida

    In January of 2010 I formed an LLC with my business partner. We opened a bank account that we were both signers on and began setting up our operations. In February we parted ways and decided to allow the corporation to disolve on it's own. Without my knowledge, my partner then sent a forged documen to the State of Florida Division of Corporations the was signed by what appears to be his wife (forging my signature) to remove me from the corporation.

    I found this out recently after reading a news article that the same corporation is now under investigation by the Florida Attorney General for several violations of Florida Law, which are serious allegations!

    I never received a pay check from this LLC, nor was I involved in any of the alleged wrong doing. At the same time, I was not mentioned on the allegations, and the other business partner certainly was.

    Lastly, I have determined that the majority of business was conducted through the bank account that we established in January, yet when I went to the bank to get statements, I had been removed from the account, yet I had not signed anything to be removed (at the same time it appears the bank did this without receiving any documents that were forged either, which my banker tells me the person who did it did so against company policy).

    My questions are as follows:

    1. What crimes, if any, were committed when this document was forged?

    2. Can I be held responsible for any actions that this company took after I was dissolved from the corporation, and

    3. Is it legal for a bank to remove me as a signer if I was not there to sign for it?

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    Default Re: Forgery of LLC Member and Liability After Removed

    1. You can read Florida's criminal statutes here and use your imagination. A number of statutes could potentially be implicated. If you want the matter reviewed for prosecution, make a police report. Don't be shocked, though, if you are told that it's a "civil matter".

    2. Maybe. What was your role in the LLC after that date?

    3. Probably. If it was the LLC's account and they documented that you no longer had a role in the LLC, why wouldn't they be able to remove you?

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