My question involves a speeding ticket from the State of: Connecticut

I got a ticket/infraction by a statie. he asked if i knew why i got pulled over , and i responded no, sir I do not. He told me i was going a bit too fast and this area is a 25 mph zone. He went to his car and came back and told me he had given me an infraction which is a much lesser fine (92.00). I know this isn't much at all, but I am in a tight situation with my finances as I have only started working 2 months ago and still have bills and college loans to pay off.

THe statute/ordinance number is 14-298 (Disobey STC sign). On the ticket however he failed to write down my actual speed and posted limit. I also never asked him how fast I was going.

I know for a fact that I was not speeding when I passed him. He did end up following me and I was going a bit faster than when I had passed him and he flashed his lights probably a mile or two down the road from where I had passed him.

Give me some advice: should I plead not guilty and try to fight it . or just pay it off (like i said, I can afford the fine, but the insurance spike is what is worrying me. I am 23 years old and my rates are super high right now because of my age and dont want it to go up even further). If i do have a case here, please give me some words of wisdom I can say in court to help fight my case.

THanks so much in advance