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    Default Where to File a Lawsuit After the Defendant Moves

    Hi! I'm new here but I have a huge doubt.

    The story goes like this: I helped an old lady with her computer about 3 years ago and this year I got a lawsuit from her daughter stating I had been working for some guy and spying on them.

    Anyway, that lawsuit was filed in Santa Clara, CA, so I got a lawyer in that area and he took care of it. The lady dropped the lawsuit, but only after I spent almost $4000 on that lawyer. Then the lawyer said the amount wasn't big enough for him to handle it (so I could get my money back) and he told me to go to the civil court in CA and do it myself.

    Now, the problem is that I sent that lady a letter recently telling her if she doesn't want to settle I'll sue her for the money I spent on her frivolous lawsuit, I sent the letter to her CA address from the lawsuit and according to the USPS the letter was received in WA. Then a few days after that I got a call from the lady's current landlady, apparently she found out that lady was sueing people and she thought she could be sued for no reason too, and well, she provided me with her current address which is in OR now!!!.

    Well, I know this was pretty long but my question is, where should I file the lawsuit to get my money back??? ..... I mean, my lawyer first told me to do it in CA because we thought she was living there, now it turns out she's living in OR but has addresses everywhere (WA, and the landlady told me she knew she had an address in NY too.).

    I know I may need a lawyer, but I just want to know where????


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    Default Re: Where to file a lawsuit after the defendant moves

    You can check with your lawyer based upon your current information. There's no easy answer - you apparently don't even know for sure where she lives right now, either to sue her or to serve her.

    What theory does your lawyer suggest, for recovering legal fees?

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