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    Default How Do I Recover Money from Bank Taken by Person with Same Name, Same Bank

    My question involves a banking matter in the State of Texas. How do I recover money from bank taken by person with same name in different city ,same bank, same employer ? Is there a time limit on recovering this? I have bank printout from years ago that I just located with transactions. It involves over 5 grand. I was going through a divorce and depressed at the time and did not investigate. Just thought I would ask to see if anything can be done to recover money. Wold it fall under fraud due to the person who took the money from my account because of the the bank error?

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    Default Re: How Do I Recover Money from Bank Taken by Person with Same Name, Same Bank

    Go to the bank, report the error and see what they can do for you. Generally speaking, you contractually release the bank from responsibility for payments that you don't dispute within a period of months - it's your responsibility to review your bank statements. I don't have access to your contract with your bank in association with the account at issue.

    How many years are we talking about? With the passage of enough years, it's possible that you have even let the statute of limitations run against the person who took the money.

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