My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: CALIFORNIA

Hello, Last year I lost my job and trying my hardest to get another job. When my first claim ran out, EDD automatically filed the extenion for me. Now it has been exactly one year since I was laid off and my EDD claim has officially expired.

I got a letter stating that I "may" be eligible for another extension but I need to send proof that I worked last year. I did do contract work for 2 months a while back for my past employer (which I did report to EDD at the time and they just deducted the days work from my check). Do you think I will re-qualify since I did contract work?

By the way, a fellow that I use to work with got laid off a few month before me and he was extented EDD Benefits and he never even did contract work. He didnt even have to re-file...they refiled for him. I am so confused...and broke too. Ugh