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    Default Reporting Income Made As an Independent Contractor

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: California

    I have a side job as an independent contractor and have made some money/received merchandise for my work. I am trying to report it to EDD and was told that I had to put "self" as the employer. However, the form was sent back to me saying that I filled it out wrong.

    I sent the form back with the name and address of the company that actually paid me. Is that correct? I am already 2 weeks behind and I know I will be interviewed for being self-employed.

    Also, if I get more than 2 weeks behind on filing my claim forms because of this, will they make it up after this is resolved?

    I'm just trying to do the right thing by reporting my self-employment income.

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    Default Re: Reporting Income Made As an Independent Contractor

    Just for information, I managed to get a hold of an EDD representative and they told me to put my own name and address as the employer. My problem has been resolved.

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    Default Re: Reporting Income Made As an Independent Contractor

    OK, I'm bringing this up again because someone else put their "self employed" and their own address under the "employer" part of the form and had the form sent back to them as being filled out wrong. Any advice on how to avoid this?

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