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    Question Accusations Were Found Unfounded After an Investigation

    I have 2 questions, 1. My husbands family has filed to unfound investigation on us. 1 was with children and youth services stating there was abuse on my son by my husband that we had no heat an that my son was not in school he is only 5. The caseworker came out did her investigation an found nothing. She didnt even understand why she was here. Where do i go from here????
    2. Now they have called welfare and stated some things that were false that my caseworker was notified about. Stating that i dont live where i am at an my husband doesnt work for the company that he does. An investigator showed up where i live an spoke with my landlord an they also showed up at my husbands job. where do i go from here. Can i request copies of both falsly accused cases???

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    Default Re: Accusations Were Found Unfounded After an Investigation

    What is it you hope to accomplish?

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    Most such complaints to child services will be confidential and only a court order will generally release them. However, laws do vary by state so your un-named state may allow easier access.

    Understand that there is a huge difference between being wrong and reporting something that the reporter knows to be completely false. Being wrong is not generally actionable. Making a knowing and intentionally false report can be.

    You might consider consulting an attorney to see if you even have any options here.

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