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    Default Finding a Good and Preferably Vicious Divorce Lawyer

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: CA

    I had a divorce attorney, which I found thru their radio ads, even though they were about 2 hours away from the courthouse where my case is being handled. I personally did not like how the firm handled my case, due to more than one reason, which is quite irrelevant for the scope of this question.

    I had to let that firm go, because in the middle of the divorce case, I found myself unexpectedly unemployed. Now that I have gainful employment again, I am planning to hire a lawyer within the next couple of weeks, before my next hearing. The court is located in the city of San Bernardino and there are mare divorce lawyer per square inch than there are dirt on the floor, near-by this courthouse. Since this is my first divorce and I do not have any friends living near, who went through divorce recently, I have no way of knowing which one of these lawyers are really worth hiring. My soon to be ex worked nearby and worked with a wide variety of people. Hence, she found herself a good ambulance chaser. The guy is in buddy-buddy relationship with the judge, according to what I saw and heard during a couple of hearings I was present at.

    I am looking for a forum, where local people discuss their divorce attorney's handling of cases, giving recommendations and/or warnings to one another. Is there such a place ?

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    Default Re: Finding a Good and Preferably Vicious Divorce Lawyer

    Probably, but it's not here.

    Start googling.
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