This answer involves child support in the state of : FLORIDA

1. Child was born in 2000. A paternity agreement was signed by both parents acknowledging the child's parentage soon after birth. In the same document, the issue of child support was RESERVED for the mom to pursue in the future if need be. ( Summary: Paternity voluntarily established. No child support order, but child support reserved.)

2. Mother files court order for child support in 2008. Case takes 2 years to be heard due to extenuating circumstances. (Summary: Case initiated via Florida Child Support Enforcement in 2008)

3. In 2010, mother requests retroactive child support believing that it would be awarded dating back 2 years to 2008 when case was initiated. However, the judge deviated from current retroactive support guideline calculations and ENFORCED the issue of child support that was reserved in the year 2000 when paternity was established. The father was court ordered to pay retroactive child support dating back to the child's birth year (10 years). (Summary: 2010 current support is established as well as retroactive support and health insurance responsibility)

4. Father now owes in excess of $20k back child support. There is an IDO in place, and child is consistently receiving support as ordered. IRS intercept is also in place. Slim chance of him receiving tax return this year! (Summary: Father paying as ordered.)