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    Default Judgement Collection from Lawsuit

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: NH (But was sued in MA)

    I was sued in court for a heating system from a house I sold in MA, I now live in NH. Needless to say lost half the case and have to pay $3500. I don't have the money, sent the attorney a letter to create a payment plan. Included a check for first payment with letter, have not heard back yet. I am sending another check out today, will continue to send weekly checks until I hear something to the contrary. My questions are:

    What property is exempt from any collection action? I live in NH, but was sued in MA. Which state laws would apply on exemptions?

    Should I send a copy of the exemption forms to the attorney along with the check I am sending out?

    What more can I do if she doesn't agree to the payment plan?

    Sorry for jumping around so much, please let me know if you need additional information.

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    Default Re: Judgement Collection from Lawsuit

    If they seek to enforce the judgment in New Hampshire, to do so through the courts of that state they will first have to domesticate the judgment. They can pursue your Massachusetts assets in Massachusetts (and be aware that, with multi-state banking, that could include your bank accounts) and they can pursue your New Hampshire assets in New Hampshire.

    If the lawyer does not approve of your proposed payment plan, presumably the lawyer will either contact you to negotiate a higher payment or attempt to collect the judgment. If the lawyer contacts you, you are free to negotiate.

    There are a ton of sites that summarize exemptions. (I can't promise that they're all accurate.)

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