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    Default Is it Legal to Move Out at Age 17 in Florida

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Florida

    I am currently 17, turning 18 in 22 days. I wish to move out of my parents' home now and would rather not wait until I turned 18. I know this is a long shot and hopeless question but is there any sort of "grace period" in the State of Florida that states I could move out now without my parents' permission? Or do I absolutely have to wait until my 18th birthday?

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    Default Re: Florida - Legal to Move Out in Florida at Age 17

    legally, you can't leave before your 18th birthday, period.

    the fact of the matter is; if you are 3 weeks away from being 18, not many government agencies are going to get all excited about hunting down a person that is going to be legal in 3 weeks. Don't take that as they can't because they can and you could actually be charged with whatever they call "running away" anymore.

    It would be best to wait to avoid any possible problems but if you can't, hang on as long as possible. The closer to your birthday, the less chance anybody will care.

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