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    Default Possession of Assault Weapons

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Connecticut

    I have a buddy that got picked up for possession of assault weapons in Connecticut. The gun was purchased in another state legally and he had it stored in a safe at his house. Long story short, the house was called in for a noise complaint, there was marijuana in visible site when the violation was given. So, the police searched the house and found the gun. Now, he is sitting in jail. His family/friends are pooling money together to hire a lawyer, but we are unsure of who to hire or if the public defender will do him any good. Anyone have any information on how these types of cases are generally treated? All information I have about the charges has come from the CT State Code website and I would like to know more.


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    Default Re: Possession of Assault Weapons

    He's in serious trouble. The first thing any lawyer would be checking out is the legality of a search. Just because they found some pot lying around doesn't mean they can go around opening up safes on his arrest. There's more information here than we're hearing.

    As for the gun charge itself, it matters not HOW it ended up in the house nor really where it was. CT has pretty tough laws with respect to these.

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