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    Default Vague Letter from Attorney About Settlement

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: arkansas

    after months of waiting i finally got a letter in the mail from the attorney im dealing with saying...

    "please be advised that insurance company has offered $$$ your part to settle your case. they will pay my fee separate and apart. under the circumstances since your doctor released you without any impairment i would except. please review and advise."

    thats all it says. deosnt mention any thing about medical bills, mileage, the medical bill that shows up on my credit because it wasnt paid buy the insurance courier, which it should have been. and the settlement is far under what i calculated from lost wages alone.

    what i really want to know is what does "released without any impairment" means?

    and how long after an offer from a settlement should one expect a check?


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    Default Re: Vague Letter from Attorney About Settlement

    This is your lawyer. if you don't understand a communication from your lawyer, call your lawyer and ask for clarification.

    Your lawyer stated that your doctor released you without any impairment - that presumably means it's your doctor's opinion that your injury does not impair your ability to work. This is something you can clarify with your doctor and your lawyer.

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