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    Default Can My "Temporary Guardian" Choose That My Adult Sister Can't Become My New Guardian

    Well I am almost 17 and both my parents are deceased. I live with my friend and her family, and her mom has a "temporary guardianship" paper that my dad signed before he died. It was only notarized, not taken to court or anything. But i just found out that she has been secretly recieving social security for me for over a year now (she told me this whole time that my dad didnt make enough for me to get anything), I decided that I want to move out now. My guardian refuses to let me go though, she said she will call the cops. I want to know if she really has the right to choose where i go? I have a job so I have an income, and now i want to live with my adult sister but my guardian refuses to give me to her. Am i allowed to choose where i go since I have no legal guardians and I am 16 years of age?

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    Default Re: Can My "Temporary Guardian" Choose That My Adult Sister Can't Become My New Guard

    Your sister is free to petition the court in whatever state is involved to become your guardian, and your informal guardian is free to try to oppose the petition or to have herself appointed instead of your sister.

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