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    Default Former Employee Contacting My Customers

    My question involves business law in the state of: Mass

    I have a auto repair service. My mechanic quit at the end of 2010. I just found out that he has taken a copy of my customer list. (I have been in business for 21 years, he has worked for me for 4 years) He has been calling my customers and telling them to come to his new place of employment (he doesn't own the other shop) and that now that he has left we don't have anyone capable of doing quality mechanic work. Is his taking of my customer list legal? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Former Employee Contacting My Customers

    If he stole your customer list, no, that's not legal. It's your property.

    Can you prove he stole your customer list, as opposed to his using his memory to recall who some of your customers are? If so, you can explore whether it's worth trying to sue him for damages or injunctive relief.

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