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    Default Traveling with Warrant

    Anyone have good resources for actually knowing the answer to the question? Can a person with a warrant of any kind leave the country with out being a problem? If so, how do you know and where did you get the info for this knowledge? Better question is, "has anyone out there left the country with a warrant and returned"? hmmm anyone?

    What I mean by problem is, Not by law but is it possible? What are the consequences? Specifically can a person take a cruise ship to Spain and then fly around in Europe?

    So far all I can get from the net is mostly on the return. The issue isn't going its coming back?????

    Thanks a billion!

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    Default Re: Traveling with Warrant

    Depends on the warrant and other factors. These days, there's supposed to be a 100% check check on all air passengers leaving or returning to the US (the Constitutionality of the former is somewhat elusive to me). It's quite possible that this will trigger someone looking for warrants to detain the person (or at least deny them the ability to board the aircraft).

    Leaving via means other than air is probably a bit less strict, but you're still rolling the dice. A person with a warrant risks being stopped at *ANY* time.

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