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    Default Denied Reentry into the United States from Canada

    hello... My daughter was a passenger in a car that was stopped going into the U.S....they found an un measuarable trace amount of pot in the car. She was finger printed, photo graphed and given a paper that says denyed entry at this time. This was 3 yrs ago....just before christmas she tried to cross with a pass port and they said she had a life time ban. She only has the one piece of paper from 3 yrs ago, no other paperwork. They gave her no paperwork this time stating a life time ban. My question is this: how can she be given a life time ban when she was just a passenger, there was no police involvement because it was an unmeasurable amount. Is there a way for her to fight this without paying the U.S. government a bunch of money?
    thank you for any help.

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    Default Re: Denied Reentry into the United States from Canada

    The immigration officer either inferred from the facts that your daughter was acting in concert with her friends, or your daughter confessed to knowing about the marijuana. It's reasonable to infer that there's more to the story here than you have related to us - I'm not stating that you know the full facts or have intentionally withheld information. It may be that your daughter doesn't even know the full facts.

    If your daughter presented her passport, I expect that they did make a notation in her passport in relation to the ban and associated INA number (statutory basis for the ban); or it might be on that "one piece of paper". Please tell us what the paper says and, if anything was noted in her passport, what that says as well.

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